Recently, the Department of Education passed three funding packages to support schools and students mitigate the impacts of the pandemic. 

These packages are collectively known as ESSER, or the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund.

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Want to learn more about/apply for this fund?

  • ESSER I (CARES Act) – This $13.2 billion funding allotment was earmarked for a variety of needs such as summer learning, mental health services, educational technology, and activities to address the needs of various student subgroups.  Obligation deadline: September 2022
  • ESSER II (CRRSA) - Allocates $54.3b for K-12 education. In addition to the items from ESSER I, there is also allowance for the following use cases: addressing “learning loss,” preparing schools for reopening, and projects to improve air quality in school buildings.  The Act also includes funding broadband, childcare, and school transportation. Obligation deadline: September 2023
  • ESSER III (American Rescue Plan)- This portion of funding provides $123b to states for K-12 education, with similar potential uses as ESSER II, along with the addition of strategies to safely reopen schools, an assessment of the pandemic on students, and plans evidence-based interventions especially for disadvantaged students. Obligation deadline: September 2024

The funds will be administered at the state level, so make sure to check the plans for the state you’ll be working in.

Visit the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Elementary Education & Secondary Education to learn more and to apply.

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